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“Crypto is the type of suitor that you stay up late into the night thinking about. You spend every possible moment researching because you want to understand its complexity - but that just leads to more questions. And just when you think you know your muse intimately, other elements surface that require greater analysis. You stop doing the things you used to do, stop focusing on things that used to interest you so you can give crypto all your time.”


“My generation also leveraged witnessing as a weapon against injustice. Tupac’s Brenda’s Got a Baby was inspired by a New York Times article he had read about a 12-year-old girl who became pregnant by her cousin and threw the baby into a trash compactor. Tupac used his lyrics to humanize her and put her story into context. It was an indictment against poverty, lack of resources in inner cities, and the hardships that young girls face. I was a young girl in the inner city, trying to make sense of injustice in my new country and reconcile the heated emotions at home about politics back in Haiti.”


“As the flames surrounded me, enveloped me, I stood mesmerized. I was six years old and had accidentally knocked over a lantern in the middle of the night. There I was at the center of the fire, captivated as it danced around me like a serenade. I was not afraid as I stood unaffected in the midst of the growing inferno. I reached out to touch the colorful, elongated figures, but someone yanked me out before we could fuse.

I did not fear getting burned then and I stand just as defiant four decades later. I didn't start the fire of injustice that is tearing through the world in the 21st century. It was already burning by the time I got here. And it will rage on as long as there is the fuel of injustice and the oxygen of pacifists as ignition.“



“Ultimately, I made the decision to swallow the bitter pill and vote Democrat in the 2020 general election instead of casting a third party ballot. The selection of Senator Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential nominee made that decision more palpable. Plus, I was not convinced Biden’s voters would turnout like Trump’s loyal base. And Trump had to go. Sometimes the options you have are bad ones, but you still must act, even if all you can do is push the reset button and go backwards. There will be other elections, other opportunities to do better by the electorate, to do better by future generations.”

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